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Congratulations Festivus Athletes!

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in WOD | 0 comments

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Congratulations to all of our Festivus Games athletes this past Saturday at CrossFit AGX Roanoke! Such a motivating and exciting experience to witness our very own and surrounding athletes achieve new fitness highs! Thank you all for such a great day! A special congratulations goes out to our athletes, who placed first in every division! Eric Weisman took 1st in the intermediate male division; Danielle Marks 1st in the novice female division; Chelsea Liller 1st in the intermediate female division; and David Chrisley for 1st in the novice male division! Great Job guys!!

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CrossFit AGX & ALT Progression

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in WOD | 0 comments

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So much to mention and witness here at CrossFit AGX Roanoke! Progressions are happening by the week, with a new launch of CrossFit workouts coming October 20th and CrossFit ALT building and fielding athletes in competitions monthly! On our 6-month, 90 day progression program model, we have been tracking our athletes for the last 6-month cycle thru Wodify. The next 6-month program release begins Monday! Our model takes every aspect into consideration thru programming. Excellent work to all athletes and keep up the determination to get better with each workout.

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Festivus Volunteers

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in WOD | 0 comments

Just a reminder that the Festivus Games are fast approaching (Oct. 18) and volunteers will be needed for judging and organization. PLEASE note – I would rather you participate as a competitor and enjoy the atmosphere than volunteer; however, if you do not desire to compete and want to help out please let me know. I would love to have you help orchestrate the show! It is very exciting to be hosting for the second time this year, and if you know someone who may be interested or on the fence about competing, encourage them to gain their experience with this event. Contact Johnathon Childress with any questions or to volunteer your time at jc.agxcrossfitroanoke@yahoo.com, or (276)-732-9636.

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